According to Uber board member Garrett Camp, former chief executive officer Travis Kalanick is not returning. Kalanick, who vacated the post in June, is reportedly telling some people that he is staging a comeback to the company. A move which is similar to what the late Steve Jobs did with Apple.

In a recent email sent to employees, Camp emphasized that seeking for a leader is Uber’s main priority at this point. He added that it is time for a new chapter, and denied rumors regarding Kalanick.

Kalanick’s resignation took place after a number of investors called for change in leadership. Before the 41-year-old left Uber, he and the company were surrounded by controversies. One of them was a sexual assault accusation that came from Susan Fowler, a former engineer at Uber.


Uber Includes Car Leasing Services in Cost Cutting Attempt

Following the departure of Kalanick, Uber continues to rebuild. Besides the company’s search for its next CEO, it aims to overhaul its car leasing business. There are a few options being considered, which include totally shutting down the operation or selling it.

Uber is reportedly losing $9,000 per car with its car leasing. This number is distant from the expected amount which was at $500.

The uncertain future of Uber’s car leasing operations leaves 500 employees in a limbo. It is likely that they will be given different jobs when their department is dissolved. However, it is also possible that some of them are going to be relieved.


Drug Dealers Use Uber for Branding

Company issues are not the only concern for Uber as of this moment. For the second time this 2017, the brand got connected to drugs.

Agents of the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration arrested four men in New York last week. The suspects are accused of selling a mixture of fentanyl and heroin. The illegal substances were packed in tiny bags that had Uber’s name and logo stamped on them.

Uber had nothing to do with the drugs and it is unfortunate for the company’s name to be involved in such news. Issues like these are not helping Uber as it recovers from all the scandals it dealt with in the past few months.

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