Ubisoft opens its new gaming season with a search for augmented reality and blockchain developers as these two fields are said to be the future of gaming in which the company doesn’t want to lose out on. The gaming company are now inviting professionals for application with a six-month program at its Paris-based incubator Station F.

"Ubisoft works with each start-up to build a tailor-made mentorship program that meets their development needs," The Company told in a statement. "Participants are provided space in the Ubisoft area of Station F, and benefit from a stimulating ecosystem of entrepreneurs and experts."


Just Dance - One of the most received Ubisoft Titles. 

The gaming company is seeking start-ups that has already experience in either mobile augmented reality or blockchain and has an existing demon. The company looks to see “a proven mastery of Blockchain technology and a clear vision of how Blockchain will influence the future of entertainment."

Berlin Studio

In other company news, Ubisoft has recently announced its plans towards its Berlin studio. The company revealed details about its opening, the officer in charge and what it will develop.

Firstly, the company revealed that the Berlin studio, as a new addition to its lineup of workrooms, will be focusing on the company’s key brand by a start with Far Cry. It will be supervised by studio manager Istvan Tanjay who previously worked under the company’s Ubisoft Blue Byte for five years.

"We are thrilled to be opening the doors to Ubisoft Berlin and working on the Far Cry series together with other Ubisoft teams," Tajnay told reports. "In the first year, we will build a core team of around 50 developers drawing on all areas of expertise. We are currently recruiting for these positions and the reception so far is overwhelmingly positive from candidates of a very high calibre."

Trading Performance


Ubisoft’s trades have faced a bearish downtrend in its recent trades. From its recent performance, the stock has had a -2.27% decrease which ended at 15.29.

The Relative Strength Index has also faced a similar performance as the one above. A downtrend was also seen and has recently declined to 44.25.

Lastly, the Coppock curve of the company also signaled a potential decline. While at 2.47, a hold on buy would be advised since its apparent downtrend may continue.

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