Shares of Yahoo! Inc. settled at $43.67 with -0.73% negative change at the close of trade. About 19.09 million shares were traded against the average daily trading volume of 11.2 million shares amid the previous session.   

The stock’s highest level touched $44.02, while its lowest level recorded at $43.47 in the last session, with a market capitalization of $41.56B. Meanwhile, the stock’s 52-week low posted $26.15 per share, while its 52-week high ended at $44.92.      

Expected Price Target

Analysts are expecting the company’s stock to post a maximum price target of $55, and a minimum price target of about $32. However, the median price target is listed at $43, while the average price target touched at $42.84, suggesting its basis was taken from the analysts’ consensus  current price of $43.67.

Meanwhile, the tech giant’s stock price showed a 1.75% strong performance last week from an earlier reading of 2.27% in the previous month, which rallied by about 41.19% in the prior year. The company posted an outstanding shares of 958.76 million and climbed at 878.80 level.   

Short-term Consensus Target Price


Sell-side brokerage firms that coverage Yahoo! Inc. shares issued a short-term consensus price target of $42.543. In fact, a research report was distributed to the Buy-side to support any decisions over the institutional investment.

However, retail investors could also benefit from these reports by means of different channels. In essence, the most aggressive analyst’s target stood at $55 within the next 12-18 months, while the most conservative forecast touched $32.    

In order to get the potential price target for each stock, the sell-side showed initiative, while providing services in the form of ratings and analysis to the Buy-side.

In addition to price targets, analysts are closely watching on the company’s earnings as well as the expected earnings, and they’re expecting the company to post an earnings per share (EPS) of $0.05 for the coming quarter on or about 2016-10-18.  

The chart below illustrates YHOO’s movement after the Verizon acquisition. The stock’s price was slightly lower at 38.43 on September 3. Meanwhile, an indicator was used to identify the trend with numbered candlesticks, marking the stock price on September 9 tried to break out on the downside with a trading volume of 12,060,700 shares.

Moreover, the stock price touched support 42.58 amid the next session, which ended at 43.48 with a trading volume of 10,808,800 shares on September 12. However, stock prices were seen consolidating as of this moment and still await for a supporting candle next.



Given the YHOO stock’s Verizon acquisition and the said “company” with no workers and no product. We concluded that stock prices could continue a consolidating move, and if it touches resistance 44.91, it only suggests that two more supporting candles are expected to say that we are having a bullish trend.  

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