The Volkswagen emission cheating scandal will cost the automaker to settle worth $15 billion in the United States alone.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Volkswagen would make the largest-ever automobile buy-back offer in the history of U.S.

There were reports that the automaker had cheated on emission tests in the U.S. and was then revealed last year. It was found out that Volkswagen had installed a software in its vehicles that will cheat the test results. Thus, reducing the pollution level of the vehicles amid testing, which suggests that its cars would produce wrong U.S. pollution results.       

Volkswagen automobile owners of about 500,000 in the U.S. can now sell their cars back to the company for a justified price. In addition, owners will also get $10,000 each.

The automaker is obliged to pay fund worth $5 billion for U.S. programs, which promotes no-emission cards, including reduction of air pollution.

The Volkswagen vehicles involve about 40 times more pollution than is tolerable in most U.S. states. Meanwhile, more than 11 million cars were affected on the emission test scandal globally.


Volkswagen faces challenges as 85 percent of its vehicles must be repaired by June 2019, and failure to accomplish it will have more penalties.

Subsequently, the automaker’s settlement resolves the largest class-action lawsuit in the automotive history of U.S.

Other 85,000 VW Vehicles

However, the legal process doesn’t end there as the remaining 85,000 other VW cars that are still under investigation were not yet given decisions by the Volkswagen and the Department of Justice.

The automaker manufactures vehicles as well through Audi and Porsche brands in the U.S.

An administrator at Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy mentioned that the most essential thins is “getting VW’s vehicles off the road.”


In other news, there were statement posted on the company’s website, citing that the auto maker’s settlement is not an admission of liability.

Toyota Recalls 3M Vehicles

A report on other automotive news that Toyota Motor Corporation revealed a recall of more than 3 million vehicles.

It seemed that some of its vehicles have concerns on airbags and emission control units. The vehicles that are on the list of recall includes the Prius, Corolla and Lexus CT200h units manufactured as long ago as 2006.

Thus, the recall doesn’t have any connection to the Takata company – an airbag supplier, which is considered liable for the recent recalls of several car companies.

Failure airbags have affected more than 100 million cars globally.

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