Volkswagen has settled to propose an added two-year warranty to its European owners of its diesel cars.

Volkswagen has settled to offer an extra two-year guarantee to European owners of its diesel cars but no compensation in talks with Europe's consumer affairs chief over its cheating on emissions tests, a European Commission spokesman said on Wednesday.

EU Representatives have pressured Volkswagen to compensate its European owners after confessing that the company had defrauded emissions tests in over 11 million diesel vehicles globally by using pre-installed software with majority of these in Europe.

Regardless of Volkswagen’s admittance of the misconduct in the United States, the company states that it has still abided with the law in Europe and finds no other reason as to why compensate its clients in the said region.

Earlier this week, Chief executive Matthias Mueller of Volkswagen specified in a statement that the EU's representative for consumer affairs that the corporation would now provide a deal to its European customers with a two-year comprehensive warranty, the Commission spokesperson told reports.

On the other hand, remarking on the discussions with the official, Vera Jourova, Volkswagen did not settle that it had arranged to outspread its assurance. The business as an alternative denoted back to previous "confidence-building measures" counting a promise to repair the entire vehicles involved, revealing that modernizing the software would not diminish from the car's presentation.

"Volkswagen has said all along that it cares for every customer," the company told reports on Wednesday.

A lengthy warranty proposal would be the initial allowance done by the automaker giant in an answer to the growing weight from Brussels to do extra compensation for its diesel clients for the succeeding months of discussions with EU representatives and beyond a year once the Dieselgate scandal happened.

Jourova and further EU regulators have frequently voiced their aggravation upon Volkswagen's outlook to European clienteles in not presenting the cash expenditures established to U.S. holders of its autos.

Contrasting the United States, a hodgepodge of diverse permissible guidelines through the Europe Union likewise declines the likelihoods of car possessors efficaciously charging automakers.

The plan should be perceived as a “sign to our customers in Europe and other markets that the update has no negative effects on vehicle durability”, Volkswagen stated, counting that the arrangement did not total to an official guarantee allowance.

Trading Performance


Despite trading lower, VW actually added 0.490 to 0.36% in its recent trades. The latest candle opened at 137.91 and closed at 137.50 with no highs and a just a low of 136.90.

Its RSI level inched up a bit to 37.30 while its Coppock Curve moved a bit down to -5.25 – a negative zone indicating a sell for Volkswagen.

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