On its last trades, Crude oil began with a technical rise in its North American trades, uplifting the oil prices of West Texas Intermediate almost at the precarious $50 lever. On Monday, the barrel of WTI opened trade at $49.97, surging at almost 0.7% for the said period.

As for its European sessions, WTI dropped at the mid49’s region in early trades. Still, barrel of WTI has managed to reach its respectable high of $50.30 in the final trading periods. Inversely, no essential initiates was found behind the said activity, which would only implies that it's a continuance of last week Thursday's hefty downcast, which was instigated by the substandard conclusion of the OPEC gathering.


Going back to the American trades, the US oil futures opened trade at 49.77 and traded last at 49.97. WTI managed to reach a high of 50.25 and a low of 49.45 respectively.

In its indicators, RSI level edged up a little to 48.28. The Coppock curve also surged a bit and was last seen at 12.07 – a positive region recommending a buy.

With the newest statistics from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) affirming that the non-commercial agreements of WTI crude commodities surged up to 44,037 bonds for the said week concluded May 23, has documented a principal weekly growth in beyond 5 months.

OPEC Affairs

With a mounting negativity emerging from the past weeks, prices on oil managed to soar in the current year of 2017. U.S. stockpiles will play a significant role in the sustenance of the above mentioned zeal. Along with the lengthening of the historic agreement with the associates, Saudi Arabia plans to lessen exports to the world's leading purchaser.

According to the CFTC, Hedge funds mounted at about 20 percent in the week ending May 23, getting 193,143 futures and options. In the previous four weeks, the figure had charged down 50 percent with the global benchmark, surging upto 17 percent to 347,852 agreements, as stated by the Ice index in Europe.

"With OPEC now consciously trying to reduce flows into North America, it's suggesting a faster than expected inventory unwind," strategist Bart Melek, told reports. "There may be a bigger upside as we go into summer driving season."

Oil investors will have an opportunity to reconsider if their prevention subsequent the OPEC meeting was overstated when the Energy Information Administration announces its updates on June 1 and if U.S.

"I still think this was a knee-jerk sell-off," Melek added. "In fact, things are better fundamentally than they were. Guess what? For the next three quarters we are going to get pretty robust deficits."

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