The financial institution recently announced a hefty raise on its top brokers and advisory team for next year as an attempt to push through with wealthier clients. The announcement was made last Friday and the bank also announced a slew of their compensation plan at the same time as well.

The new Well Fargo Advisors’ 2018 compensation plan is the massive strategy that the financial institute utilizes to help its top brokers and advisory team to strive for better clients. According to the bank, the implementation will start next year with a tallied 14,500 of brokers being affected, and benefits are also expected to be implemented next year as well.


More On The Salary Increase

According to reports, the financial firm is looking to allocate a whopping $40,000 for next year’s salary increase. The brokers can also expect a bigger and better percentage of their performance hurdle. This will be made possible through the introduction of the new Client Segment Grip which will thrash the former 22% hurdle to a massive 50% hurdle for qualifying advisors and brokers.

On an interview, Wells Fargo’s Advisor for east coast business, Rich Getzoff, “This is a big thing for us culturally to encourage people to continue to evolve their practices as we march toward the next stage of the advice business,” On the other hand, Wells Fargo Advisors, John Alexander, “Clients who have more wealth have more complicated needs,” and “But we’re not just a high net worth firm.”

This is a massive move for Wells Fargo as they follow the footsteps of other notable banks and financial firms which include; Morgan Stanley and Bank of America; both firms have been recently requiring their clients to have $250,000 as their staple figures.

As per Wells Fargo, the institution doesn’t hold such minimum, but they are encouraging clients with funds below $200,000 to be directed to branch brokers, call centers, or to the company’s well-renowned robo-advisor platform.


Wells Fargo’s Sanctions

The financial institution is currently looking to face another set of charges which includes their malpractice over the last months. These bad practices include; forcing auto loans, and charging improper fees on some of their mortgage borrowers.

According to a recent report, the bank is looking to stumble upon a new formal reprimand brought by their fraudulent bank accounts. The regulators, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently gave the San Francisco bank’s board a nod.

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