The South Korean Won marginally firmed as the KOSPI recorded a boost within the trading period on Tuesday. A rise was also seen in the Bond Yields of the country as well.

The won was seen at the level of 1,083.9 against the dollar which is firmed at 0.06% compared to its preceding close at 1,084.6.

The broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan of MSCI added 0.28% in the period as well. This is after the US stocks recording strong performances in earlier trades. This has consequently added 0.69% in the Japanese Stock records as well.


As for the Kospi, it is currently facing declines at around around 3.3 per cent thus far in 2018. This is likewise a 3.33% plunge if to compare the data in the prior 30 days.

Furthermore, the current price-to-earnings ratio was last seen at the level of 12.10 as the dividend yield was at 1.28 per cent. The market capitalization recorded a 1,242.04 trillion won in the period as well.

More so, KOSPI’s trading volume throughout the session was recorded at the level of115, 551,000 shares. Foreign investors were also the players of the market with at least 43,019 million won worth of shares bought within the said session.

The US Greenback saw an increase of 1.58% against the Won in 2018. As far as this, the Korean currency for the current year has recorded a high at is 1,056.67 against the dollar. This was at January 14 while the lowest was recorded on February 6 with 1,098.4 shares data indicated.

USD/KRW Peformance


In a much updated analysis, the US Dollar’s performance against the Korean Won indicated another bearish candle with a potential close at its low of 1082.00. This candle opened at 1084.65 with no highs. More so, this is also a -0.25% downtrend from the recent trades which loss-2.70 points.

The Relative Strength Index of the pair was seen performing slightly low as well. It was last seen at the level of 54.87 within the trading session.

Lastly, the Coppock curve trended weakly in its recent indication. While no signs of heavy downfalls, a buy would still be advised for the pair as it is specifically at 3.10 in the said period.

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