The Chinese Yuan closely trades near its 8-month high in its recent sessions. It is backed by robust central bank maintenance and the data about the economy of china in which is predicted to post positive results for the second quarter.


 The Yuan against the dollar added 0.07% in its recent trading at the time of writing. As noted, it was the highest since November of 2016. In the chart above, it was last seen at 0.1477 with a hefty amount of bulls supporting the rise.

As for its RSI Level, the pair has just exceeded the 70’s region by trading specifically at 70.09. The last time it had reached this level was last month and is close to being marked as overbought.

More so, the Coppock curve mirrored the rise by trading at 0.89. Despite being low on the positive region, a buy would be much recommended for the fact that it still can potentially rise in the coming periods.

Economic Influence

The People’s Bank of China maintained its day-to-day setting at the sturdiest level ever since the 4th of November 2016. The offshore rate plunged 0.06 in percentage to 6.7699 correspondingly.

In the last three months counting June, China’s gross domestic product development has jumped to 6.9% which was believed to have surpassed the reports’ estimate of 6.8% in growth. To add, the following factors also exceeded the estimates of various analysts: the industrial output for June, fixed asset investment and the retail sales data.

With these results, China is planning to put more efforts on the Yuan and make it more market-based as this can push the Yuan to a currency globalization subsequently, President Xi Jinping sated at the two-day National Financial Work Conference recently.

"The sentiment on the yuan is relatively good as the policy makers appear to favor a stable currency that fluctuates in a narrow range," Economist at Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp, Tommy Xie, told reports. "The yuan will be driven by the dollar throughout the rest of 2017, and there are no major domestic reasons for the currency to depreciate. It will end the year around 6.8 to 6.9 per dollar."

Last week, the Yuan was seen at 0.5 percent which considered a rise from the preceding records. It is believed to be the strongest level in eight months whereas the Dollar plummeted exactly at 1.3%. Sources predict that the Yuan will round up 2017 at the level of 6.92 against the dollar.

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