Zynga Inc. declined -4.21% and settled at $2.73 at the close of trade after posting gains between $2.72 and $2.86, with a market capitalization of $2.41B. It posted a $1.78 twelve month low and a $3.02 twelve month high.  

The company’s recent traded volume reached 18.57 million shares, exceeding its average volume of 14.64 million shares. Meanwhile, analysts are expecting the game developer to post a $3.17 twelve month price objective.

In essence, the stock price has shifted up 53.37% from its 52-week low and a -9.60% from its 52-week high amid the most recent trading session. Shares positioned above $2.53 on its 200-day moving average, and its SMA 50 are currently trading down at $2.76.

Analysts’ Recommendation

Analysts gave a Hold consensus recommendation on Zynga Inc, and are expecting the company to post an earnings of about $0.01 per share.

The company was given a mean analyst rating of 2.65 a month ago, in which 4 analysts issued a “Buy Opinions” rating, 0 sets a “Sell Thoughts” ratings, 9 gave a “Hold” rating. In addition, 1 revealed an “Outperform View” rating and 3 issued an “Underperform Signal” rating.  

Meanwhile, several analysts are expecting the company to post an estimated average sales of $187.23M for the most recent quarter ending in September 16, while analysts have forecast a minimum sales estimate to hit $180.00M, and some analysts claimed the stock to achieve $195.20M maximum sales.


In an average basis, analysts are expecting a $202.82M revenue target for the next quarter, ending in December 16. In fact, the highest achievable sales are expected to touch $224.42M, while the lowest reachable sales target is anticipated to rest at about $184.00M.     

Earnings Per Share Details

Earnings per share (EPS) in the next five years is anticipated to stand at 30.00%, while EPS growth in the last five years was 25.20%, and the sales growth for the last five years is expected to touch 5.10%.

Subsequently, the estimated EPS growth for next year is anticipated to hit 165.38%, while the estimated EPS growth for this year is expected to record 48.50%.  

The forward P/E ratio stood at about 39.57, while the price to sales ratio settled at 17.

Performance Review

Some of the ZNGA historical data were highlighted; the stock nearly settled at 1.87% during the previous five trading sessions, while it posted about 0.37% during the past one month, 3.02% during the previous 3 months, and 1.87% year to date performance standing.

The chart illustrates ZNGA movement, in which stock’s price on August 29 belonged to the most active ones within the day, with a trading volume of 15,395,100 which tried to break out on the upside at resistance 2.73 and ended the session at $2.77.


Conversely, the stock’s price was seen touching two lines with a trading volume of 26,850,200 on September 8 but didn’t go any further and was followed by another on September 12, which opened at 2.69.  


As shown in the chart above, stock prices were seen consolidating as it still touches the same support and resistance level.

Thus, we concluded that there is still no supporting candle unless the next session hits above resistance 2.84 and breaks out.

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