Earlier this year, Kartik Ram released the Zeitgeist electric bike for a much cool-looking commuting bike.

Looking to further improve customer’s experience, the company is currently on the works with its new product: The iTank. iTank is said to be the future of scooters and motorcycles although it will not be the same as those two models, according to Ram.

The iTank will feature bunch of futuristic attributes that is to be built in the said three-wheeled electronic scooter.

-Bosch motor goes from 0-28 mph in 4.6 seconds (the top speed is limited)
-Removable lithium-ion batteries fully charge in 6 hours
Range of 62 miles (official) or 100 miles (according to Ram)
 - 50:50 weight balance and low center of gravity

The iTank is planned to be an easy-travel mobility and is highly recommended for those who choose not to take cars or for those who choose not to walk.


The scooter can also climb a fifteen degree incline smoothly without using a lot of power although it’s not advised by Ram. ““I wouldn’t take it off-road and climb rocks with it.”

Too Pricey for a scooter?

The campaign of iTank gathered mixed reviews. Most of the comments complained about the price and the actual speed capabilities of the scooter. Netizens predicted that it may not be as successful as the Zeitgeist bike because of the price and speed where on the other hand a Chinese bike prices just around $2000 and can compete with the iTank in its release.

Pre-Orders can be done through the company and through Amazon Prime. Prices start at $4,000 per unit but if ordered at Amazon, the scooter can reach up to $5,500 each.

“As three-wheeled scooters go, it’s extremely cheap,” Ram said. The scooter market has Piaggio MP3 Sport 500 at $9,000 as the most expensive and with iTank at the range of $4,000-$5500, his claim isn’t entirely wrong.

“I believe this is the architecture of the future. Cars are getting smarter and smaller. In general, the sharing economy requires you to think about smaller form factors that are personal for you. But two wheels aren’t right; I can’t tell my mom, who’s in her 70s, to ride a scooter. And four wheels signal cars or golf carts; it seems heavy.” Ram added. “I think little fiddly scooters aren’t going to cut it. You need something stable.”

“A three-wheeled scooter is the future I truly believe this is going to be the urban mobility future: interesting personal vehicles that can carry stuff. I’m totally committed to this architecture for the next 10 years.” – Kartik Ram, predicting that iTank would be as useful as its e-bike in the future.


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