Bryan Murphy

Bryan Murphy, a contributor to the Financial Times, is an award-winning financial correspondent with several years of experience writing about markets, trading strategies, and personal finance. Through his mastery of both journalism and the financial market, he has been able to present market news and analysis on the current trends in a way that can be understood by a huge number of audiences.

Bryan took Investment management for a couple of years before shifting his focus to journalism in the Montana School of Journalism. While working as a correspondent for the Investment Contrarian, he earned his Masters in Financial Journalism.

Following his active years as a financial journalist and correspondent, Bryan became an active speaker in finance and investing seminars for beginners and experienced traders alike. He has received numerous awards for his financial writing. He has worked as a senior financial analyst at Forbes.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Toyota, Hyundai Conduct Safety Recall

The automakers’ reason for vehicle recall could lead to a serious and increased risk of a crash. As a solution, dealers will notify affected vehicle owners and will make necessary repair, free of charge.

FSM News Article

Lexus Tops Vehicle Dependability Survey

A J.D Power annual survey on vehicle dependability showed Lexus aced the ranking for the seventh straight year.

FSM News Article

Asian Currencies Down as USD Gains

Bolstered U.S. dollar weighs on most of the Asian currencies.



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