Daniel Moore has been into writing since his college days and extended the skills throughout his career. He has written books and numerous articles including a journal for a children magazine. During his early years, he was a part of their college band where he met his long-time partner Alex Davis. Moore is highly associated with his book Against the Odds of Trading which was published in his early forties. During his post graduate course he received an award for his article about Applied Finance.


Educational Background

Bachelor of Commerce – University of Alberta

Masters of Financial Administration – University of Bristol


Additional Courses and Certificates

Securing Investment Returns in the Long Run

Planning your Client’s Wealth over a 5-year Horizon

Portfolio and Risk Management


Previously, he supervised a tech software company for almost two years and earned a recognition for his positive contribution in the marketing sector.

With encouragement from family and friends, he considered putting a his own school, however, unprecedented circumstances took him back in financial content writing.

With the help of his various writing experiences, Moore publishes articles about basic understanding on personal finance and investments. He also edits and proofreads for a private hedge fund website and known for his simple writing style.


Written Works

·         The Smart Trader Notes

·         Uncommon Success and Others

·         The Theory of Profitability

·         Against the Odds of Trading

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Lyft Hops in Alphabet’s Waymo

Lyft sealed the collaboration with Waymo amid the rift of the Alphabet against Uber.

FSM News Article

These Stocks Beat Market Expectations

In the middle of earnings season, these stocks surprised the market after posting better-than-expected first quarter financial reports.

FSM News Article

What’s happening to Microsoft?

The software giant improved its cloud services, stopped support for Windows Vista and sealed a partnership with Porsche.



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