Deborah Jenkins has been a Head Currency Strategist in a number of brokerages and firms. She has a Professional Degree in Digital Marketing and in Social Media for Business Innovation. Through her expertise in these fields, Jenkins was able to utilize marketing into the world of financial markets and securities by being an online financial news writer.

Deborah holds a certification in Digital Marketing which she utilized in the promotion of different trading companies she has worked for over the past ten years helping companies bring expand their market in the digital marketing through her structured and concise writing and reviews of the latest market news and happenings.

For almost a decade now, Jenkins has jumped in providing technical and fundamental analysis about stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. She also trades short-term in forex and commodity markets on the side as a way of keeping herself familiarized with the direct workings of the business. 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

USD/JPY Shows Signs of Recovery

The currency pair will unlikely end at the bottom.

FSM News Article

Economic Slowdown in China Deepens

Here’s how the economic recovery seemed to be impossible in China after the series of disappointing reports.

FSM News Article

Here’s The Biggest Car Company in US

See how this auto-giant stayed bullish for the past three months.



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