George Woods

George Woods is a Business Reporter at Hearst Business Media. A graduate of Yale University with a degree in Investment Management and Economics, he previously worked as an article writer for Yahoo Finance specializing in financial and stock exchange news articles. For several years, George has applied his skills and knowledge to expand his own trading portfolio trading in different markets and securities.

His paper on the tendencies of the stock market to crash and rally was published in Questia’s library of academic journals which is a top online research site with over ten thousand papers and researches on the stock market among other topics under Financial Markets. He also writes a regular blog on the latest market news on commodities and forex.

His trading experience ranges from markets such as foreign exchange, financial futures, stocks, and commodities actively testing out strategies that he was able to write on his own and developing it along the way as well. George holds a Masters in Finance and Economics. He is continuously developing strategies and papers in the use of technical indicators that aims to help different kinds of traders in a wide variety of markets.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Bank of America to Add 500 New Branches

BoA plans to open more than 500 financial centers over the next four years and will hire more than 5,400 people.

FSM News Article

US Bancorp Pays $613M to Settle Charges

The bank was fined for inadequate anti-money laundering practices.

FSM News Article

Australia’s Consumer Confidence Soars

David Plank, ANZ’s head of Australian Economics, said the consumer confidence was bolstered by the increased optimism on the present condition of the country’s economy.



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