A graduate  of Financial Management in London and an author of an investment technique book. Ms. Hillary Holmes has participated in several mergers and acquisitions conferences in the last few years focusing on short-term trading strategies and instruments in the forex and commodity market.

Most of her experience in writing her book came from working in a couple of investment firms in a span of a decade while serving as a research advisor for the research department of the University of Carnegie in Pittsburgh.

Heading towards professional stability, Ms. Holmes dedicates most of her time in writing market analysis and news articles. She writes fundamental and technical analysis as a way to keep tabs on the latest market updates. She is currently writing her second book this time on finance and investment strategies in different markets and securities.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Adidas Runs 2017 Strategic Initiatives

This is how Adidas competes in 2017.

FSM News Article

What Makes GBP a Trending Currency?

Here’s the game changer for the British Pound.

FSM News Article

Oil Futures Remain Volatile

The Oil Market Expected Signs Of A Tightened Market As The Concerns On The Production Cut Lingered.



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