Ivan Peterson is a social media manager, news writer and researcher for FSM News. He actively covers news on stocks and technology. He has a massive knowledge in social media managing, blogging and SEO.

Even though he has more experience in different fields, his writing skills are as exceptional as his IT works.  As a young teenager, Ivan spent his days reading books about business, investments and fictions too and this boosted the quality of his written works, qualifying to contribute to FSM News as one of the best writers.

Peterson never believed that he would have his own success story. Born from a struggling family, Ivan never thought that one day he would be the guy that would bring ease to their difficulty. He also never thought of doing writing as well. As a young kid, Peterson just watched cartoons and sometimes helps his parents on their business which turns out to be one of the biggest corporations up to date. Now with all the success, Peterson can proudly say that his parent’s hard works paid off bring various successes to the family, to their business and to himself.

Peterson always flaunts his success story. With the hopes of serving as an inspiration to the youth, Ivan believes that with his story, every kid would have the same drive and that drive will lead them to a great success.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Intel CEO Leaves Manufacturing Council

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is one of the latest members of the American Manufacturing Council to resign from the group

FSM News Article

Facebook to Fight Against Fake News

The Social Networking Giant Has Taken An Aggressive Stride To Stop Fake News On Its Platform.

FSM News Article

U.S. Dollar Struggles against Yen

U.S. Dollar Fell To Yen After Donald Trump Again Issued A Statement Towards North Korea



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