Sullivan is an American financial journalist who was born and raised in Darwin, Northern territory, Australia. Her mother was a pre-school teacher while her father worked in a private research company. She was a contributing editor of their school paper and had shown interest in economic and financial history during her college days. Sullivan was known for her provocative and contrarian views, which according to her was influenced by her late father. She’s married to Johnson Accola, a New Orleans native who’s a competitive freelance writer as well.


Educational Background

Bachelor of Economics (The University of New South Wales)

Finance Management ( Post Graduate : Australian National University)


Written Works

In 2010, Sullivan has started writing in-depth market analysis and has written a number of finance-related researches. Some of works include:

·         Stocks Don’t Just Tumble

·         How to beat the market?

·         The Top Rated Mutual Funds

·         Find the Right Funds

Work Experiences

·         Spending most of her professional days teaching an investment course, Jessica Sullivan has taught about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and government securities in a private college in Northern Alberta.

·         Sullivan was part of the highly respected and dynamic investment professors where she honed her exceptional understanding of the financial world.

·         She was also engaged in the Treasury Department of their local government and became part of the economic advisers.

·         Currently, she is engaged with investment literary writing and attends various financial conferences.

·         Sullivan does several web publications and creates financial content for some websites too. Part of her busy schedule is being a part time contributor of a finance newspaper online.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

GBP Loses the Momentum

See here how the bullish run on the British pound vanished.

FSM News Article

Gold Futures To Continue Upward Momentum

The yellow metal remained slightly bullish at the start of the week.

FSM News Article

Why London Copper Looks Good

The red metal showed signs of recovery on Thursday session.



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