Lilian Adams is a financial advisor, educator, and active trader. She is knowledgeable in both fundamental and technical analysis, and has been a financial journalist since 2005.

A true business genius with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a master’s degree in Business Administration, Adams is a popular freelance writer and speaker for many institutes, schools and conferences. She knows her way in and out of the stock market and possesses vast knowledge and skills that she utilizes in the trading industry. Adams is sought by many for her wisdom, advice and strategy as a financial advisor and educator. This strong, fierce lady prides herself in her financial and business intelligence and works.

She has worked for several publication sites online, notably CNN Money and Forbes. Being a financial journalist for more than a decade now, she knows the stock market, finance and business industries like back of her hand. Adams juggles her time writing for several finance news site, including FSM News.

Adams particularly likes covering news with powerful impact on the economy, highlighting her adrenaline-like passion to deliver the freshest and hottest market affairs. When not writing news stories, she displays her expertise in the stock market by providing in-depth fundamental and technical analysis. Many people have sought both her advice as an advisor and strategy as a financial journalist.

When not busy being the business genius that she is, Adams enjoys reading fantasy books, her favorites being The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and most recently, Game of Thrones, along with the television series itself.

Look forward to her news stories and fundamental analyses here on FSM News.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Turkish Lira Faces Declines Again

The Turkish Lira is estimated to face a massive drop amidst the hopes of the promised actions by the central bank.

FSM News Article

Build-A-Bear Adds New Product Line

Build-A-Bear Workshop provides more options after introducing Beary Fairy Friends™ to its line-up.

FSM News Article

Australia Retail Sales Recovers In 2018

The retail sector of Australia continued to improve in terms of sales after posting yet another positive results for February.



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