Robert Collins

Robert Collins is a renowned Financial Analyst and an experienced trader. Working as a financial adviser since 1999, Robert aims to help his clients boost their profit potential while minimizing market risks.  His focus always has been the forex exchange market and has been able to write papers regarding the profitability of the trade and the specific market.

He holds a double degree in Monetary economics and Quantitative finance from the University of London International all the while becoming a long-term trader which further deepened his knowledge of the financial and stock market. Robert then worked as a marketing administrative for the investment division of UniCredit before pursuing finance journalism and research which became formed a majority of his career profile in the latter years.

Robert is also the former head news writer at MarketWatch, a financial information website that offers business news, analysis, and stock market reports. His expertise is manifested through his published articles and technical analysis on the trading markets on a daily basis. Although his interest always has been on the forex market, Robert also specializes in commodities. He also holds a Masters Degree in Finance and Economics.

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Stocks Slide On Health-Care Vote Delays

Healthcare And Tech Stocks Experience Selloff As Senate Delays Vote For Healthcare

FSM News Article

Oil Slumps On Weak OPEC Compliance

OPEC Output Unsatisfactory To Some Markets And Is Now Expected To Extend Deal

FSM News Article

Gold Steady Ahead French Elections

Gold Prices Held Ground Despite 1% Decline During The Previous Session To Political Tension



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