Spencer Brockman is a financial reporter for FSM News. He has dabbled on writing editorials, columns and articles for several business sites in the past, later on settling for his current endeavors. He blogs for Options12 and Exo Capital Markets Ltd, focusing on works dealing with stocks and energy.

In his school years, Brockman has been actively joining entrepreneurship clubs which greatly influenced his interest in investing, trading and finance. In his university days, he was an intern for big newspaper names such as The New York Times and CNN, which he greatly attributes his skills and knowledge to. He has given talks and seminars in both entrepreneurship and journalism, building his credibility in the stories, editorials and columns he writes. He now juggles his work among FSM News, Options12, Exo Capital Markets, and a number of business and trading sites while travelling from place to place to deliver talks on the two fields he excels.

A writing and entrepreneur genius, Brockman has utilized his skills into creating many small business in the food, catering, party, travel, car rental and finance industries. He serves as a financial advisor to many. Currently, he is trying his hand in trading stocks and binary options. Brockman strives to delve into fields to increase his knowledge and expertise in the articles and analyses he writes. Efficiency, quality and of course, money, are what he thinks that are important in his job as a financial reporter and thus he intends to extend his knowledge and skills, notch after notch.

When not being a busy, entrepreneur and financial reporter, Brockman kicks back and relaxes with loads of chocolates and his FPS (first person shooter) video games. 

Last 3 Published Articles:

FSM News Article

Russian Firm Sues Facebook

A Russian business that was charged by federal prosecutor for attempting to meddle in U.S. elections sued Facebook Inc.

FSM News Article

Severance Fund for TRU Workers Kicks Off

KKR, Bain Capital create severance package for former Toys R Us workers.

FSM News Article

Sony Ready to Beat High Record Revenues

Investors Are Getting Increasingly Positive On Japanese Technology Giant Sony Due To Its Booming PlayStation Gaming Business. Read More Here!



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