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Energy & Financial Market Analyst Raad Aswani will cover the basics of forex in this free webinar session: what is forex, its history, why you should trade forex, and who trades on forex. Whether you are a new trader in need of advice or a retail trader who is not yet yielding successful results, this free webinar may be the one you need. The audience is guaranteed to learn a lot in the session as each key topic is aimed to gain knowledge that will let traders both new and professional, to make profitable decisions and outcomes.



This webinar is a free service offered to advanced traders. It will cover various risk management concepts and strategies that you can apply to trades. Every trader has different goals and strategies, and this webinar will help you identify which one is most beneficial for you. Raad Aswani will cover these important topics in his webinar: Technical Analysis, Moving Averages, Trends and Resistance & Support. The audience is certain to learn a lot in the free session with Raad Aswani!


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