Whether you are a new trader in need of advice or a retail trader who is not yet yielding successful results, this free webinar may be the one you need. The audience is guaranteed to learn a lot in the session as each key topic is aimed to gain knowledge that will let traders—both new and professional, to make profitable decisions and outcomes.

Create Success Via The Use Of Technical Indicators

In the webinar session Raad Aswani will provide an initial explanation on how to succeed through the use of technical indicators. Mr. Aswani will prove an in-depth explanation of the drivers of trading indicators based on market psychology to improve trading activity.

Each topic is designed to gain knowledge that will allow the audience to make effective and profitable decisions. The end result will allow anyone who is not very proficient with the industry, to be able to have a better understanding about technical indicators.

What you will learn

      ·         The Use Of Trading Indicators Successfully

·         Drivers Of Technical Indicators Based On Market Psychology

·         Less Than A Hand Full Of Technical Indicators To Better Your Trading Activity

      ·         Trade Live Now


Raad Aswani

The Speaker

Raad Aswani is an Expert Energy and Financial Market Analyst with over 10 years of experience servicing the Financial & Oil and Gas industries. He is an extraordinary individual with extensive experience working at Government and Corporate level, providing expertise in market analysis reports and market strategy analysis. Raad is a well-travelled professional with great exposure to a diversity of cultures; this has given him an edge of being on top his game within emerging markets, particularly, West Africa. He has written and prepared numerous research papers for private corporate clients across Africa and UK and managed several business development operations from start-up level. Raad holds a BSc in Oil & Gas Management from the University of Plymouth, where he was the Student Body President for Oil & Gas, till he graduated. Raad Aswani is currently resides in Limassol, Cyprus.